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Lifestyle Cigar Packages

  • Classic Package

    Every month
    Perfect for Beginners & Daily Smokers
    • 5 Cigars Total
    • 4 Exclusive Assortment
    • 1 Classic GLB Cigar
    • Free Shipping
    • Ships by the 27th of the month

GLB Cigar Club Packages

Classic Package

Here at GLB Cigar Club, we are classic. Our original GLB package is the perfect starter kit or a great indulgence for the daily smoker. We select 4 new infusions designed to provide an all-new cigar experience each month. As a bonus, the Classic Package includes our classic best-seller Bourbon cigar for old time's sake. Get a variety of exclusive handpicked flavors topped off with our best-seller at an amazing price.


  • 5 Cigars Total

  • 4 handpicked assorted flavors

  • 1 Classic GLB cigar

Feature Distillery Coming Soon!

We are excited to announce the new Featured Distillery package. Every month, the GLB Cigar Club will feature five new handpicked alcohol infusions from one of your favorite local distillery’s alcohol selections. This opportunity allows GLB members to indulge in the taste of handcrafted spirits with the satisfaction of a perfect smoke.


  • One featured distillery a month

  • 5 premium hand-rolled alcohol infused 

  • Flavors to be announced each month

Specialty Package Coming Soon!

Heaven’s doors are opening, and you've just met your match. Enhance your cigar experience with our curated selection of infused cigars and featured complementary pairings. Each month GLB hand selects specialty food or drink items to amplify your smoke experience. Enjoy dry meats, fruits, chocolates, and much more with an assortment of Alcohol Infused Cigars. Woah, it just got serious.


  • 4 Assorted alcohol infused cigars

  • Monthly food/drink pairings

  • Matches, Boveda humidor pack, cutter

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