About Us

The Guy & Lady Barrel Name

When one of the couple’s three children became a teenager, he decided calling his parents Daddy and Mommy wasn’t cool anymore and elected to call them Guy and Lady. While that did not go over well at first, the names eventually stuck and turned into the company name making this truly a family business.

The Guy & Lady Barrel Story

Guy & Lady Barrel is a family business that draws from the passionate discipline of a US Marine and the rich Brazilian family history of it founders Maurice and Grace Williams.

When Grace arrived in the US from Brazil at age 12, she bought with her memories of fun family weekends and seeing her uncles smoking cigars with their cachaca drinks. Years later those same memories were reawakened when she saw her husband and best friend Maurice’s passion for cigars grow.

As a former US Marine and NFL Agent Advisor, Maurice knows the value of brotherhood and family and wanted a business his family could build together. After taking a stab at a business selling wine barrels, Maurice and Grace decided that passion was essential to their success.

The couple took the time to learn a unique alcohol infusion process and combined that with the lessons learned from the barrel business to create an exceptionally masterful line of cigars.