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About Us

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The Guy & Lady Barrel Name

When one of the couple’s three children became a teenager, he decided calling his parents Daddy and Mommy wasn’t cool anymore and elected to call them Guy and Lady. While that did not go over well at first, the names eventually stuck and turned into the company name making this truly a family business.

The Guy & Lady Barrel Story

Guy & Lady Barrel is a family business that draws from the passionate discipline of a US Marine and the rich Brazilian family history of it founders Maurice and Grace Williams.  GLB was founded in 2012 by the late Maurice J. Williams. Everyone who had the pleasure of meeting him, instantly fell in love with his infectious smile.  A passionate entrepreneur and cigar smoker, Maurice began GLB with 3 barrels and a table in the Fall of 2012.  He realized his dream of owning a cigar company and grew it into a successful family business that's now ran by his wife and kids.  We strive to keep his legacy going by creating great cigars and gaining new friends along the way.


How to Store

Place cigar in a humidor in it's original packaging.


Alternative ways to store cigars in the absence of a humidor

If you don't have a humidor one trick of the trade is to place the cigar in the freezer.  Defrost the cigar by placing it in the refrigerator for 24 to thaw it out gradually.


Temporary Fix

  • Place cigars and a Boveda Pack in a Tupperware or Ziploc bag.

  • Sponge Method-cut a clean sponge in half and wet it with distilled water. Place sponge in the Tupperware/Ziploc bag with the cigars.

  • Paper towel Method- Use distilled water to wet a sheet of paper towel. Place the wet paper towel in it's own Ziploc bag. Seal it tightly, then place it in a Tupperware with the cigars.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Alcohol Infused Cigars intoxicate me?

No, there's no alcohol content.

What is the alcohol content?

There's no alcohol content.

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